hazelnut, strawberry, and mint

i wrote coffee shop!au because i was in a horrible mood and it made me happy dammit

but then it totally got out of hand and this is the longest teen wolf fic i’ve written? whoops

i like how this came out, though, so enjoy!

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navy in fugue

hooray, more of the camp!au verse

finally got around to writing some more of this, though it’s short. lots of kissing and feelings and lydia being awesome

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old-fashioned (twelve easy steps)

winter wanted some sterek that involved baking (preferably brownies) so i made something of a college!human!au that’s happy and fluffy and everything’s right with the world

and kissing and cooking and wow i should have given stiles a corny apron

i don’t know if this will turn into a verse? well, whatever

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eight miles high and falling fast

so winter wanted some summer camp!au where everybody’s a camp counselor and things are basically all fun and games and cute romance and sex in the woods or whatever

i wrote her that, with sterek as the predominant focus, but also some scott/allison and implied jackson/danny

so yeah, that’s good.

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Winter said she wanted some demon!Stiles AU that wasn’t SPN, so I decided to go the Good Omens route.

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your life wraps around you (like a blanket in march)

roxy and i have been talking about a kind-of guardian angel!au, but where every human is assigned an angel and a demon to walk through life with and get acquainted with and basically be tied to and… yeah.

i dunno, i thought it was a cute idea. and hey, here’s dean and cas being cute in a hospital! and familial bonding! and kind of high school au! and kissing! and meg being smirky!

there will probably definitely be more of this in the future

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men of note (and other tales of infamy) [avengers/inception, snippet one]

Yusuf’s line has already been cut long before Bruce finally hangs up the phone. Something about the gravity in which he affirmed Bruce’s question unsettles him, but as a chemist who had dealt with inception before, Yusuf obviously knows what he was talking about.

So that’s when he calls up Steve Rogers.

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men of note (and other tales of infamy) [avengers/inception, prologue]

In August of 2010, Dominic Cobb disappears from the world of dream sharing indefinitely, leaving behind not a single trail of his whereabouts and nothing but an obvious reason as to his absence — James and Phillipa Cobb.

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something of hydrogen and velocity and you

this took way longer than i would have liked. but anyway.

earlier today, i saw this gif.

and it spawned barista!dean/physicist!cas

i guess


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i graduated at the top

Sam and Lucifer have seats next to one another on a plane due to a ticket mix-up. They get talking and end up making plans for dinner at the other end of the flight (preferrably to somewhere in Europe). (Bonus points for conversation and keeping it under 1,000 words)

Haha, I’m really not good with word counts, and I had to indulge myself because I haven’t written about Boston in a while, but this is… generally that idea. xD


title from tally hall’s the bidding

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