the practical application of astrological compatibility, book two

pairing: clear/aoba, dmmd
rating: PG heck yeah
wordcount: 1.5K+

notes: ok hella part 2! another lil drabble based off kkandayuu's awesome zodiac graphics, this time featuring clear.

so taurus and pisces, gooooo~

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the practical application of astrological compatibility, book one

pairing: koujaku/aoba, dmmd
rating: uh pg-13 yeah

notes: so kkandayuu has been making these rad as heck zodiac graphics for the dmmd characters (like this one for koujaku) and i wanted… to write… things. and i maybe read up on star sign compatibility. SO HERE’S TAURUS AND LEO

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married to amazement

pairing: aoba/ren, dmmd
rating: hard m wowee
wordcount: 2K+
summary: He’s developed his own quiet sense of humor, and by that, he’s cheeky, a stark, childish difference from Aoba’s typical dry tongue. 

notes: i had the most RIDICULOUS NEED to write ren riding aoba because how dare they mention aoba topping but never follow through. it didn’t mean to come out this long to be honest but oh man i am so happy with this

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laughxoutxloud94 asked: Namine and Sora Mermaid AU :"""> yeay!

(i’ll be honest, i’ve never heard that one! points for originality. ouo)

Namine was different, in that the water just seemed different when Sora was around her — it didn’t have its normal, calm undulations, but rather a peculiar atmosphere of change, or some power resonating deep inside of her, waiting to burst forward and change the life he knew so well. They swam together, through deep underwater caves, watched rays of light shift colors under the deep, waving blue of the ocean, and sometimes they’d emerge to the surface to watch the moon, and Namine would ask him, “Is this what you want?” Sora would never answer, until the one evening he did, and told her, “I want more,” and that power in her awakened like a popping bulb or a crackling fire, and the water flowed away from him like a whirlpool, and he washed up on shore, strong legs beneath him and memories behind him, and Kairi smiled at him.

here lie our histories

rating: pg-13
pairings: akihiko/shinjiro
wordcount: 2K+
notes: i needed to do this it was for science emotional science very science much emotion

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It’s when they’re very young that the first, small, inconsequential part of their friendship dies spectacularly. Their crux, their origin suddenly disappears in a cloud of smoke and a rush of heat, and they watch a building burn back and fall to the ground together. That’s when that first part of their friendship dies. Sanada Miki takes it with her.

After all, it belonged to her.

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kaylizle asked: Makoharu bakery au


Makoto inherits the family bakery when his dad goes into retirement amicably (“My back hurts all the time, I just want to sit around and watch television!”) and though it kind of puts a damper on his free time, working there is definitely better than alternative places of employment. Plus, Haru comes in all the time and sits around writing or drawing or something while he’s working, and even helps out when he feels like (which is rare, but still) and his company is, while quiet, very comforting. Makoto occasionally sweeps by him and kisses him on the temple when he has a moment between baking bread or rolling dough, and sometimes when he shuts down the lights at night and locks the door, Haruka pushes him up against the warm, sweet-smelling walls and kisses him in the quiet building.

kaylizle asked: Mckirk space pirate au

i literally always get space pirate prompts what is this

After graduating from the Academy, Jim Kirk basically gets everything any man would want out of life — he gets immediate recognition from his superiors, control of one of the most coveted ships in the entire Federation, a loyal crew that would die for him at a moment’s notice, but it’s still not enough. Whenever Jim achieves big, he simply goes on to dream bigger — he stares at the stars and wonders how many planets are out there, how many he could touch down upon and explore and exploit, and Bones watches him with caution, but also with growing intrigue. When he takes the Enterprise hostage and flies off into the far reaches of space with it and its crew, there’s an atmosphere of despair among some of the crew and one of excitement with others, but the only person standing at Kirk’s side the entire time is Bones, snapping in his ear and following him to the ends of the universe to make him happy.

for the soul

pairing: makoto/haruka
rating: pg
wordcount: 3.3K

written for this prompt on the kink meme. it’s sickfic, basically.

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da-da-daaa prompted: makoto and haru moving in together

and gosh dang if that isn’t the cutest thing i’ve ever heard SO!

pairing: makoto/haruka
rating: pg
wordcount: ah hell i dunno probably less than 1K

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holywatersupersoakers asked: Erh, Kurofai, after-the-end-Fic? (Does that count as AU?)


They never really stay in the same place for very long anymore, which is disappointing when they land in a place really interesting or just generally relaxing, but Kurogane supposes there’s really no helping it, and they move on their way just like they always do. Syaoran seems to always hold this heavy burden on his shoulders, but he carries it high and proud, makes the best of his situation, as if Kurogane didn’t admire the kid already for all the sacrifices and grief he’s been through. But then, of course, there’s Fay, who looks on every new world, every new opportunity, as some blessing, something to look forward to, because of all the people Kurogane knows, Fay’s the last person who needs to dwell on the past, and he looks forward to everything with this tentative sort of contentment, like he’s just happy to be for once, to not be weighed down, and Kurogane thinks that if he’s glad for anything, it’s for that.